4 Dogs!

I'm a very lazy person today so instead of actually working I've decided to just talk a bit about my workflow. You can't learn anything new without trying something difficult. I've got a very challenging commission this January. From the one hand it shouldn't be difficult at all because I've done so many dogs already that I could hardly imagine that it could be hard in any way. But it is what it is: I'm sitting and struggling with four dogs! And it is just because I need to combine four dogs from four different photos in one pyrography! I'm not that good in the thing which is called "the true artist", I pyrograph what I see on my monitor. When something goes straight out of my head it looks clumsy and disproportional. But when it is about some grass it works a bit. I've also learned to find a right structure on the very unconcrete photo (one of the photos was TOTALLY unconcrete) and draw some missing part of the body. It's already a progress I think. Nevertheless that's what I've achieved so far:

And now I need to make all these four dogs again and in a way that it doesn't look worse. Oh, this is really challenging. My faithful sandpaper is always at hand to come and clear the mess I've done, giving me a chance to try it again.

Let's see what the result will be this time and then I will decide which of the two versions comes to my gallery of work examples :)

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