Dangerous Advert

I've finally managed to make flyers to advertise my works a bit in my area. But I didn't keep in mind that making a background pyrography could be dangerous for our old cat.

As you can see this  pyrography which I've used for my leaflet called for a very dark background. This means also very much smoke in the living room. It is not a huge problem for me or my husband, at least we have protection masks , but what can a cat do to protect itself?

A little gray cat called Lilli lives with us. Sometimes she likes to watch me working :)

But Lilli is already old and happens to have very severe asthma. We call her Darth Vader, though there is nothing funny in a way how her breathing always sounds. Asthma is a dangerous disease for a cat, because it doesn't take too long to become mortal.

The smoke from my pyrography device caused another crisis for Lilli. In her case it can look totally scary: her breathing becomes very heavy and slow, you can SEE her heart beating through her fur even from afar. As the attack progresses she falls on her side, breathing even heavier with her mouth open, her tongue  becomes pale and  her fingers on the paws which are usually pink become white.

In this case inhalers are not enough, a hard asthma attack calls for emergency vet clinic visit to get some injections and infusions. Even then everything is done right you can never know if she makes it.

This time we were luckly, Lilli made it through and feels relatively okay now. But with such carelessness it can easily happen again.

My appartment is quite small, and I still have no solution how to protect her best from the smoke. In summer it is no problem, because I can open the windows and the door, but when it is really cold outside, like last time, nothing really helps. Closing the cat in another room is not a good solution, because smoke easily gets through the door, maybe not in such an ammount as in the room where I work but still enough to cause an attack. Dressing myself warmly and opening the windows is not the best solution too, because the colwood gets cold and totally ineffective. Besides law temperature might cause an asthma attack too...

All pyrography lovers who have pets,

  Please be always very careful with the amount of smoke your four legged friend confronts. Even if it doesn't have asthma it can easily get it in time because of smoke. We all want to do our arts but we also want our pets to live long and happily!

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