My Husband Stefan

It  was February 2013. I was still living in Russia, desperately looking for "normal" job to finally get back on track after a long illness. At that time I was pyrographing only for three or four months, and it was somehow clear to me that this hobby would bring me more than any kind of job. No idea why I was so sure about that, because everything around me was screaming against this. But miracles  started to happen completely unexpected. I met a Ukrainian journalist Konstantin (Costas) Surin on the Facebook page of my favourite band Alcest. He saw the pyrographies which I had posted there (at that time they were not really good, but a huge step forward for me, hihi) and asked me to do his portrait. I was happy to do that and he really liked the result. We became friends with Costas quickly. He suggested that I should listen to the band called Darkseed and make a pyrography of Stefan Hertrich the former vocalist and composer of it. Costas knew him very well assured me that Stefan would be happy to get such a present. When I listened to this band I loved it immediately. It was this song first:

I made this portrait while listening to Darkseed and the creative process was very pleasant. But I was really scared of the potential reaction of Stefan. Would he like it, would he consider me too annoying with this kind of fan art and so on and so forth.


But I was worrying in vain, Stefan liked it immediatelly and we started to intensively chat on facebook. It turned out that we had a lot in common and we became pen friends. I didn't hope that we could become any closer, because Russia and Germany felt quite far away from each other, and both as a German and as a Russian you had to go through a lot of annoying formalities. So we tried to stay friends only.

But ater several months it was clear that we were more than just friends, so we decided to be together. And I continued making pyrographies of Stefan. He was supporting my arts from the very beginning

This is the portrait of Stefan and his mother done in 2014. My skills were growing but still I had much to learn yet. I love his eyes...

In 2015 we decided to get married so it called for another pyrography.

I wanted to make this one very romantic, but I still don't know if it was a right decision to burn a heart...

Anyway we got successfully maried in july 2015 and I moved to Germany

What kind of Christmas present can you make for your husband who doesn't like presents? A pyrography on a small birch slice of course. I also did a bit of snow with white acrylic.

But my recent pyrography of Stefan I really love. Of course there are some issues still, but I think that this picture has a soul.

I'm sure that I'm going to make many more pyrographies of my beautiful husband whom I love very much!

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